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 The library opens for at least one session a day every day except Sundays. We have three volunteers working together for each “shift” in the library, a session leader and two library assistants. Shifts are organised using an online system called Three Rings which allows volunteers to select when they volunteer and who they want to work with. New volunteers will receive lots of support, and learning on the job has proven a very effective way of training new recruits. As well the opportunity to work in the library, we have a number of other volunteer roles that help with the community development role of the library.

The two Trustees who have taken on responsibility for coordinating the volunteer aspect of the library are Sue Styche and Isabel Granger, and they would be more than happy to hear from anyone who may be able to offer us their particular expertise or simply want to talk to someone about the possibility of volunteering. Please see below for details of how you can make contact.

The Trustees are eager that the new Community Library meets the needs of the people of Market Bosworth and the surrounding area. If you have any ideas and suggestions for the library, please make them known using the e-mail address office@marketbosworthcommunitylibrary.org or by leaving a brief note addressed to the Trustees at the library.

While the first years' funding of the library is to be provided by the County Council the longer term, with their support reducing over a period of time, looks a lot less secure so any suggestions for fund-raising will be appreciated.

So if you are interested in being a volunteer in whatever role to support the community library please contact us by e-mail, drop a note at the library or complete and return the form below, please click to access form.

Expression Of Interest in Becoming a Volunteer Form (PDF)